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Video production

Southern California Media brings the latest video production and marketing efforts to the fore. Our combined experience, talent and extraordinary commitment have created high quality productions for every project undertaking

What is Video Production?

It is the process of producing video content which is equivalent to film making in which images are recorded digitally instead of film stock.

3 Stages of Video Production

  • Pre-Production

This involves the whole planning of the video process before filming begins.

  • Production

After planning, this phase involves capturing/filming the video content.

  • Post – Production

A process of combining the video clips which is done through video editing!

This Whole Video Production Includes:

  • Multi-camera location videography, with Steadicam, teleprompter, dollies, jib, and more.
  • Sound and lighting design.
  • Scriptwriting and storyboard.
  • Location scouting, casting, and professional voice over.
  • Video Editing: Motion graphics, titles, and animation.
  • Encoding final videos into a web-ready format.


Media Planning allows us to select the media platforms to place a client’s adverts and achieve objectives over time.

Media Buying is a process of buying media placements in advertising ads like television, publication, radio, digital signage and websites to achieve the highest reach of the audience for the lowest price.

The media planning and buying process is responsible for helping a brand or product to extend the message to the audience, monitor the results and to help the client have a better ROI of the marketing budget.


Traditional Media

Old media or legacy media is a mass media institution that predominated the modern Age. This is in particular to print media, film studios, advertising agencies, radio broadcasting, and televisions.

Television and radio are among the media used to advertise a product or brand because most of the people are watching shows or listening to music. They spend time interacting with such media per day making it a highly sought after market for digital communication and advertising.


  • Spot Television: National and Local
  • Cable: National, Regional and Local
  • Satellite Televisions
  • All L.A Radio Properties


One of the most used tools when it comes to advertisements and marketing is Social Media. This advanced digital tool allows you to use different platforms to spread your product or brand to your audience to increase sales, create website traffic, and reach your objectives.

By incorporating a Social Media strategy, it will help you monitor and analyze the results.


What does Southern California offer?

We are proud to offer our unparalleled marketing and production services for your social media success.

Facebook Paid Advertisement

  • Ad Content Design
  • Tracking & Optimization
  • Drive Leads Conversions, Sales
  • Monthly Success Reporting

Speak to us today and collaborate with one of the best Hispanic Digital Marketing Agencies in the US!


Best Packages and Pricing Plans

We create and develop fantastic website that helps you promote your business. Right now, a website is essential to your corporate presence. Not only does it market your business, it also builds trust and credibility.

Web presence is essential to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. We understand the dynamics of internet marketing and we apply its principles to come up with intelligent, efficient and engaging web design intended to standout in your niche.

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