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10 Tips To Market Your Business On Social Media

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If you don’t market your business on social media, you waste opportunities for more exposure to your brand and leads. In this article, you can read ten tips that you can use right away to market your business and build an audience on social media.

1. Select The Right Platforms

There are plenty of social media networks. We read and hear interesting facts and success stories for many of these platforms. This is a good thing because there is enough opportunity for everyone. However, you can get better results when you engage with your audience.

The first step is to find where your audience is on the internet. They may join communities and groups, follow some influencers, or like a specific type of content. The most popular social networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. More marketers can work effectively in at least one of these places.

2. Focus On A Few Platforms In The Beginning

The ideal way to get started would be with one platform. Of course, it depends on your resources, but it is not easy to be in many places at the same time. You may have seen some influencers who are everywhere and create tons of content, answer to comments, make live videos, etc.

Even these guys did not start everywhere but focused on something. The best approach is to go one step at a time. Focus on one platform, build an audience, get results, and then you can consider being more active in other platforms.

3. Add Value

The more value you add, the better results you will get in the long term. Adding value means that you create content and engage with your audience to help them without requesting anything in return. It allows you to build your audience faster and build trust with people.

A good way to achieve that is by creating many posts without promotions. You can have promotional posts, but they will not be the focus of your work. Also, if people want to learn more about your business, they can find your links in your profile.

4. Post Content Regularly

We can add value to social media when we post quality content. There is no limit on how much content we can post, but we have to do it with some consistency. You don’t want to publish 50 pieces of content today and remain inactive for the next weeks. Your audience must see you online as soon as possible. By adding to your daily routine a minimum time of content creation and engagement on social media, you can ensure that you can be consistent.

5. Engage with Your Audience

Your engagement with your audience is vital to increase your results and build a following faster. You can achieve engagement in two ways.

First, you want other people to like, share, and comment on your posts. Engagement will make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful campaign. Second, you want to engage with other people’s posts relevant to your niche. It will show them that you are a real person who is interested in other people’s work and opinions.

Most marketers must create content and engage with other people’s content before they get results. If you are a beginner on social media, people have not heard about you yet. When you like other posts, some people will check your profile too. It’s a great way to introduce yourself.

6. Keep Track of Your Results

Like any other part of a business, keeping track of the results can help us to figure out where we are. You need to check the views, likes, comments, and shares of your posts. At the same time, most networks give us stats for clicks on our links and our overall performance. When we are aware of these numbers, it is easier to make better decisions based on what works.

7. Test Video Marketing

Video marketing works for many businesses. We see videos on many platforms, and they tend to get more engagement than other types of content. Many internet marketers prefer to promote their products through videos than regular posts because they convert well.

There are many types of videos and ways to create them. You don’t have to put yourself in front of the camera. Also, it’s possible to break a video down in short pieces and publish them throughout the day or just stick to longer videos. It’s on you to figure out what works best in your niche.

8. Build A Community

The number of followers is important when they are super relevant to your niche and interested in your brand. If these people are irrelevant to your products or services, you will not get results. Instead of following people to make them follow you back, you can consider creating a community.

Building a community means that you focus on helping a specific audience and try to engage with them on a deeper level. You create content for your audience, and they will start responding to you.

9. Consider Advertising and Influencer Marketing

It’s possible to speed up the process of building an audience and getting more leads by advertising your brand. You can use the standard advertising options like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube Ads. The other option is to pay some influencers to post content about your brand and products. Both of these options can work well, but you need to target the right audience and a budget to get started.

10. Repeat What Works

Once you put them all together and start taking action, you will see that some things work and others do not get good results. If you have the patience to test something for enough time that does not give results, it is ok to stop doing it and repeat the ones that really work.

It’s a simple process that will help you to grow faster. You can test different things, review the results, and decide what you will continue doing. You can also check what works for your competitors and try to adjust it to your needs.


Promoting your business on social media can be a fun and creative process. You actually communicate with your audience through your content. If they find your content helpful, they will start following you. Many internet marketers spend time on social media daily. It’s a good discipline that will put you in position to get results, traffic, and leads for your business in the long-term. For some help with your social media campaigns, you can take a look at Southern California Media.

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