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10 Facebook Engagement and Advertising Techniques in 2020

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It is no doubt that the year 2020 is just a few months away and it is important we establish new marketing goals and device new reasons to set up our social media advertising platforms. It is usually best to place your most effective social media ads in your arsenal out there.

There are several archives and articles on how to improve your advertising techniques on your social media platforms or even how to develop your own personal engaging advertising techniques on social media especially on Facebook. Even as Facebook has made several adjustments to their advertising platforms and several companies and individuals have tried every trick they know to reach their customers but failed there are still valid advertising techniques out there, you just have to meet the right persons and get the right books.

There is literally an advertising strategy for different purposes, even if you want to optimize your ads for mobile users, improve your customer targeting, or maybe achieve your retargeting campaigns, there’s always something for you to work with on the internet or in this article.

Each strategy documented here has been tried and tested, so you can rest easy knowing that these strategies will help you reach your desired marketing goals.

There’s practically nothing stopping you or your company from reaching its Facebook marketing goal in the year 2020! Here are (10) Facebook advertising techniques you can use;

1. Use a compatible Facebook advertising technique

The world is now a computer village; technology is continually advancing every single day. We now live in a world where target audience use various technological devices to stay connected to the Internet. Some of these customers or audience can start off their day connected to the Internet using a desktop and end up on a mobile phone or a tablet as the day proceeds. That is precisely why your Advertising technique cannot focus on a specific kind of platform, it must be dynamic and flexible. Although historical data and research has shown that more persons tend to spend most of their time on their mobile phones and tablets in this 21st century, desktop and laptop usage is also very high (not as high as the use of mobile phones), so it is important to optimize your upcoming ads for both mobile phones and laptop users to maximize your reach in the year 2020.

If you decide to focus on reaching your customers through a variety of platforms you are definitely going to increase your reach towards your customers.

Eugene Schwartz, a famous copy writer, said that there are basically five known levels of customer awareness, they are:

Unaware – In this category, your audience is completely oblivious of your product and brand and are not looking to purchase it because they have not realized that they even want it yet.

Problem Aware – Here, your customers are aware and have identified that they have a problem and have started searching for a solution.

Solution Aware – In this case your customers have found a solution but sadly, it is not your product.

Product Aware – In this scenario your customers have found your product, and they now know how it works to solve their problem.

Most Aware – In this case your audience has closed the gap between your product and their problem— they have now identified a solution to their problem and now believe that your product is the best one to solve their problems.

You can see that for every level of awareness there is an indication that your customers understand your product and they are aware of how it can serve to help them. A hybrid strategy that takes into consideration both desktop and mobile phone users will act as a guide to these set of customers using each platform based on their varying level of awareness of your products.

2. Create a unique pay/click strategy that increases revenue and site visits

It is no news that in Facebook, every time someone clicks on your ads, you pay hence the name pay-per-click(PPC). A good advertising technique will always take this into consideration and get more people to click on ads. This idea is really simple; the more people click on your ads the higher your chances of people becoming aware of your site which also increases your revenue potential from that ad. It is always best to have more than one PPC strategy so that if one does not meet your standards there is always a backup. A very good example of a strong PPC technique is A/B testing. When you are done designing your ad, you can use Facebook’s split feature to test your ad visuals. Visuals are very essential when passing out information about your product. About 75%-90% of ad performance can be directed to visuals.

3. Use Facebook messenger ads

The Facebook messenger platform has shown to be one of the most useful tool when reaching out to audiences and it’s also user friendly. Facebook messenger offers its users a direct link to you through your ads thereby expanding the reach of your products. Most users of a product usually require an instant answer to any questions they might have, so by having your ads established on Facebook messenger apps improves your chances of providing answers to these questions about your product or brand. The call-to-action feature of this ad is what distinguishes it from any other type of ad, instead of directing the user through a Facebook page or the landing page of a website, the ad prompts the user to start a conversation with you.

4.Always improve on your ads

This doesn’t mean that you have to start designing new ads from scratch every single time, it will be time wasting and stressful. All you need to do is take old ads and rebrand them to make it more exciting and engaging. You can decide to do this weekly or every two weeks or even every month depending on your products. You just need to make small but necessary adjustments to old ads, you will be surprised at how rewarding rebranding an old ad can be.

5.Balance the frequency of your ads

If your ad continues to appear over and over again to a customer or an audience, it loses its effectiveness, this in turn reduce your brand awareness. For an ad to be effective it should not appear more than 5 times to a customer so it does not become boring. You should always decide on a particular frequency that will determine how often a Facebook ad will appear to customers, once its limits have been reached the ad will stop appearing to customers and audience. Experiment in different ad placement balance and optimize your brand reach.

6. Always target brand aware audience to maximize customer conversions

When trying to convert more persons to use your brand the best way is to target those who are already familiar with your products. They already know what you do and how your brand can help solve their problems. Use persuasive words in your text when trying to convert your audience, keep it short and simple and very concise.

7. Know your competitors and their audience

Always stay ahead of your competitors, know what their audience want and design a means of using what they want to your advantage. Design a competitive analysis of your competitors and try to understand what kind of ads their audience respond to and then design your ads to stand out so as to attract more customers to your brand. Based on your analysis highlight the problems of your audience and then offer solutions with your products.

8. Use video ads where necessary

Video on Facebook is becoming very popular. It’s exactly what you need to make people notice your brand, the video could be a live video or recorded content but it really doesn’t matter as long as it achieves its purpose which is getting more awareness for your brand. Ensure your products stand out when creating a video ad on Facebook. Always make sure to use creative apps when designing video ads like;

Legend – This app lets you use a variety of unique text fonts that optimizes other videos or pictures

Videoshop – This is a video editing device with unique video editing features

Quik – Mainly used for animation and enhancing texts.

Hyperlapse and Boomerang –  Videos created using this software are time lapsed and short looked.

Vidlab and Piclab – Used to design slideshows and video mashups.

9. Design leading ads on Facebook

The goal here is to design ads that do not disrupts your audience attention while on Facebook. Design ads that will keep people in the app(Facebook). Leading ads on Facebook improve conversions because they hell your audience become aware of your products while going about their business on Facebook.

10. Use emoji’s in your ad development to connect with your audience

With emoji’s your ads tend to start out more when you design them with emoji’s. They will definitely draw customer attention as they stroll through Facebook pages. Ads with emoji’s have a higher click through rate of over 30% than ads without emoji’s. But the problem when using emoji is knowing what kind of emoji to use. It is preferable if your emoji’s are authentic, do not distract them massively on their Facebook page and also your emoji’s should be similar to what they use most of the time. Using emoji create a kind of familiarity between you, your product, and your customers.

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