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10 Best practices for marketing to Hispanics Consumers

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As the world has focused on an international approach to advertising and marketing, it becomes increasingly important that businesses incorporate dynamic, diverse and innovative strategies. Appealing to a niche market requires a combination of media methods that appeal to targeted consumers. As Hispanic businesses and diversified communication are on the rise in the US, the modern enterprise is pushed to invest in cultural research for its marketing strategies.

Your business needs to acknowledge even the most subtle differences in dialect between Hispanic regions. Remaining culturally relevant and correct can provide the greatest changes for your business and ensure your followers find value in your message and advertising strategy.

Tailor Your Marketing Efforts

While focusing on culturally relevant and authentic strategies is important, consideration for your demographic and target audience is necessary too. A single marketing approach is insufficient to address different generations. Consider your target audience and develop a marketing approach that is relevant to your target audience.

Create Advertising for Older Generations

Hispanics in more traditional generations, prefer using Spanish oriented websites, listen to the radio and watch TV to receive their news or discover a new brand. It is important to incorporate these media strategies, if you wish to target older Hispanic generations.

Target Younger Audiences

The younger or millennial generation will use social media and online channels such as Youtube to receive the information they are looking for. It is all about being relevant, modern and using the necessary lingo to appeal to the masses.

Use a Blend of Spanish and English

As more Hispanic communities learn English or incorporate broken English, ensuring that your marketing strategies combine English and Spanish can help you appeal to your Hispanic market but also the general English-speaking population. It is an important part of marketing that is best delivered to your targeted audience.

The Importance of Diverse and Relevant Advertising

When people view an advert, it is the message and the delivery that resonates with them. Whether connecting to a childhood memory or a language used they can best understand, it is important to research your marketing methods when targeting the Hispanic community.

International Focus

Businesses with an international focus or processes geared towards Spanish speaking communities, must involve careful research into advertising. Appealing to your audience with cultural values, language, and differences in dialect or regions can provide the greatest returns for your brand.

Use Hispanic Music

If you are delivering a message to Hispanic markets, do include Hispanic music or symbolism that is relevant to the culture.

Mobile Advertising

Both young and more traditional Hispanic generations use smartphone technology. Ensure your marketing methods are mobile compatible to reach more people!

Create Unique Social Media Campaigns

Hispanic marketing should include the relevant terms, images and video posts onto your social media.

Tailor Your Marketing Efforts

Investigate your target audience. Their age, their background, where they are from and their preferences are important aspects that shape your advertising campaign. It is all about making a community connection.

Southern California Media can assist in developing relevant and professional marketing strategies to help you reach your targeted community.

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